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April 11 - 12 The first quarter of the work report of the subsidiary report

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    On April 11-12, 2017, Haixin Group's "2017 Review Meeting on the Work Reports of the Subsidiaries of First Quarter" was held in the company headquarters in Shanghai, and about 34 people, including the group leaders, department heads and general managers of the subsidiaries and the persons in charge of finance, attended the meeting. On the review meeting, the Group reviewed the quarterly completion situation of the subordinated enterprises' objectives proposed at the beginning of the year. For the company's operating status and existing problems in the first quarter, the attendees carried out analysis and research, proposed solutions, timely adjusted the target deviation in time, and made clear the main task of the next stage to ensure successful completion of the task objectives of the whole year.


    Combined with the reporting of subsidiaries, Ying Zheng, the Group’s president, and members of leading group listened to the questions, analyzed the causes, solved the problems and arranged the main work of the next stage. President Ying fully affirmed the achievements of the work of the Group's subsidiaries and departments in January-March. Among them, the Property Management Office and Disposal Office made great efforts to reduce inventory, decrease accounts receivable, reduce management costs, and complete business outreach work; Haixin Assets coordinated with the Group to carry out off-line acquisition of new shares and undertake part of the work of the Pharmaceutical Division; the loss-making enterprises' losses has been effectively controlled to strive for no longer losses in the second quarter and achieve profitability at the end of the year. President Ying pointed out that we should pay attention to external development in the next step. With the Strategic Investment Department and the Pharmaceutical Division as the main in the management adjustment and control, we should actively expand outward, and increase the assessment of these two departments. He hoped that the departments could have excellent results in the semi-annual meeting.

    In the summary of the results, President Ying also objectively analyzed the company's problems in the development. The enterprises that did not complete the budget in the first quarter should analyze the reasons, carry out the contrast check and correct the problems as soon as possible to fight for completion of a half of the annual task at the end of June. The textile sector should share orders, deal with bad debts, promote the integration of Baoding plush and the old Sa, and the integration of the two companies in Nanjing; the leaders with the specific duties should implement the future integration and development of Xi'an Haixin, Licheno, Ikabel, Haixin biological and come up with practical operational programs as soon as possible.

    President Ying stressed that all enterprises and departments should closely focus on the budget objectives proposed at the beginning of the year, distribute their implementation and complete the tasks; the enterprises should pay attention to safe production, conduct business in compliance with laws and regulations; the Group should continue to improve the management system, such as connected transactions, travel expenses reimbursement and other systems, and grasp the quality and efficiency from the management to ensure that the budget targets proposed at the beginning of the year will be completed on schedule.

    The meeting agenda was successfully completed on April 12.

[Editor:Zhu Hongyu]


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