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Monthly Management Working Meeting of June

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    On June 12, 2017, the monthly management working meeting of Haixin Group was held on the 11th floor of the Group headquarters. About 20 people including the Group’s leaders and the heads of various sectors attended the meeting. This meeting is a monthly regular meeting. The Chief Financial Officer reported the business data of May, and the heads of various sectors reported recent progress of the projects and the completion status of the work. President Ying and Secretary Yu listened to the reported contents, carried out analysis and research for the present situation and problems existed, and proposed solutions to ensure the completion of the annual tasks and targets with quality and quantity.

    According to the analysis of the chief financial officer, the operating incomes of traditional enterprises such as fabrics and garments continued to grow, and the shut enterprises contributed to the profits, the enterprises under shutting reduced their losses, and the Group's financial incomes increased. In addition, the Pharmaceutical Division and Haixin Construction respectively reported the related projects that are being promoted recently.
    Yu Feng, secretary of the CPC committee, affirmed the business situation of the enterprise through the financial analysis, and expressed thanks for the efforts of all parties. He was very optimistic for the majority of subsidiaries to complete the budget target at the end of this year, and urged to expand foreign investment to open up new roads for the development of the Group. 

    Combined with the reports of the persons in charge of the sectors, Ying Zheng, President of the Group, first fully affirmed the efforts of the textile sector for not only controlling the loss situation, but also contributing a certain amount of profit. Then, he required that during OA system acceptance of the Group, each subsidiary should set up OA process so as to decentralize more management right, help the subsidiaries in the self-development, and strengthen the internal management procedures. In addition, President Ying indicated that Haixin Dongjing Lot industry is the Group's top priority, and also is a key project of the town government. Haixin Construction should focus on it, and pay close attention to the progress of the project and make sure to start construction before the end of the year. Finally, President Ying required the various departments and subsidiaries of the Group to seriously implement the semi-annual work summary and fight for completion of a half of the annual task at the end of June.
    In the summary of the business performance of last month, President Ying objectively analyzed the Company's problems in the development. The profits of individual enterprises declined, the shut enterprises' assets disposal still needed to be strengthened, and receivables collection, inventory realization and other issues should be further strengthened.
    The convening of this meeting is of guiding significance on the work of the next stage. It is also the final mobilization for the realization of completion of a half of the annual task at the end of June. This meeting was presided over by Ying Zheng, President of the Group. The meeting agenda was successfully completed on June 12.

[Editor:Zhu Hongyu]


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