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"Morocco Assistance" 10th Anniversary Celebration Sponsored by Haixin Group Successfully Concluded

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    Recently, with the strong support of Haixin Group, the 10th anniversary celebration of "Morocco Assistance" ended successfully. Li Zheng, director of Songjiang Health and Family Planning Commission, Liu Hongwei, former director of Grass-root Division of Health and Family Planning Commission, Dong Ming, former deputy director of Foreign Affairs Office of Shanghai Family Planning Commission, Ying Zheng, president of Haixin Group, Bao Sui, vice president, Liu Linhua, vice president, proposed a toast with members of Morocco Assistance Team to celebrate this event. 

    Since the founding of new China, China began to aid neighboring countries and began providing assistance to African countries since 1956. After the first medical team in Shanghai was stationed in Morocco, at the request of the Moroccan government, the medical team was gradually expanded. The original team of more than a dozen members was developed to more than 100 people in the past 42 years. The members of the Shanghai Morocco Assistance Team responded positively to the call of the motherland and went to Africa and small and medium-sized cities, remote areas and even Gobi desert in Morocco to deliver advanced medical technologies to local patients and brought the sincere friendship of Chinese people. It promoted the spirit of "fearlessness, willingness to sacrifice and save life" and embodied the international feelings of great love and doctor’s caring heart.
    The leaders of Haixin Group are greatly impressed by the spirit of the Morocco Assistance Team and hereby sponsor the 10th Anniversary Celebration of Morocco Assistance to show their admiration for the Morocco Assistance Team members and learn from them so as to lay a solid foundation and pave the way for the development goal of general health industry group with oncotherapy treatment as the leading direction.
    Starting from 10:00 on September 23, 2017, Shanghai Morocco assistance medical team members arrived at the celebration venue in succession. Everyone signed and took a photo in front of the background wall and memorized the old days. Celebration took the theme of "two years of Morocco Assistance remains memorable, one decade ties of friendship is priceless", collected nearly 70 past sessions of the "Morocco Assistance" medical team members to recall the past, anticipate future with passion. At 12 o'clock, the celebration officially started. The host - Zhang Weihao, director of gastrointestinal surgery department of Shanghai First People's Hospital, introduced the leaders attending the celebration. The leaders of each team postively introduced the team members, recalled the memories during the Morocco Assistance period and awakened the memories of everyone in the past. Vice President Bao Sui, on behalf of Haixin Group, paid homage to the team members and sent them blessings. Finally, Liu Hongwei, commander of the 07-09 session, expressed his gratitude to the distinguished guests and recalled the past, anticipated the future in hope to pass down and carry forward this dedication spirit, brotherly teamwork spirit and international mutual assistance of Morocco Assistance. Everyone was deeply touched by it.

    After the leader's speech ended, the host organized a very meaningful event such as cakes cutting, and finally the group members took a group photo together. Many people have never had a chance to get together after returning home while team members can finally get together with merry smile on such a beautiful and special day.


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