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Haixin Group Convenes 2018 Annual Budget Review Meeting

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    In late November, the four-day 2018 Annual Budget Review Meeting of Haixin Group was held respectively in the conference rooms on Floor 3 of the headquarter and on Floor 18 of Huaxin Haixin Building. Yu Feng,the Secretary of the Group Party Committee, Ying Zheng, the President, Bao Sui, Zhang Mingjun, the Vice President, and other leaders attended the meeting chaired by Yang Aimin, the Group Finance Director. 

    At the Meeting, the heads of all sectors and its controlled subsidiaries of the Group reported their budget performances in 2017 and budgets of 2018. The group leaders summarized the business situations of this year, put forward detailed requirements for the budget targets and specific work, and determined the working concepts and focuses for the next year.

     President Ying Zheng listened carefully to the report of all departments and enterprises on their budget performances of 2017 and budgets of 2018, and made comments detail by detail. President Ying first affirmed their working practices and achievements of meeting the economic responsibility targets by centering on the budgets, and then analyzed existing problems, such as unreasonable expenses, receivables and inventories in business operations, and proposed new requirements on enterprise innovation, development mode, enterprise culture, etc. He encouraged the operators and managers to be active and creative, and to energetically dedicate themselves to the transformation and innovation of the company . President Ying emphasized that:
(1) Under the new situation, we shall adhere to the correct business philosophy and lawful and compliant business practices. Enterprise operations should be in conformity with the national macro policies and industry orientation, focus on the overall situations, observe laws and regulations, and be beneficial to the society, enterprises as well as employees.
(2) We shall strictly abide by the rules, procedures and budgets. At this initial stage of transformation, the Group is currently facing numerous difficulties, which may be a test of confidence, persistence, wisdom and competence for both the management and the staff. Therefore, the budgets should be made and implemented in a diligent manner, increasing income and reducing expenditure.
(3) Enterprise operators and department managers should have a high sense of responsibility. The wisdom and talent of the Operator and employee are essential for exploring new business opportunities, taking advantages of all available social resources, expanding our channels for bringing in new projects, expediting innovative development, and serving the enterprise businesses and benefits.
(4) Industrial restructuring and integration of the textile sector is to be strengthened. The application of advanced environmental materials, new technologies, and fashion factors is practical for improving our global and domestic competitiveness in textile products. Our mission is to make our textile business bigger and stronger and to make contributions to the protection of natural environment and the care of animal life.
(5) The internal management mechanism is to be straightened out by the opportunity of restructuring. Coordination and supervision of our controlled enterprises should be strengthened from an innovative and global perspective. Especially to some enterprises which don’t run well , we should make systematic and scientific analysis and objective demonstrations for risk prevention, and accordingly propose the solutions.
(6) Talents and their training are still a focus. Planned introduction and training of talents are needed for establishing a professional team that meets the demands of the industrial development and management of the group. Self-learning and training of the staff are particularly encouraged. More importantly, talent echelons and reserves are required for the sustainable development of the Group.
    Based on the review of the 2018 annual budget, the meeting put forwrd the corresponding supports and solutions against the difficulties faced by various departments and enterprises. All departments and enterprises are encouraged, in the principle of increasing income and reducing expenditure, to break the normal ideas and procedures, to actively learn from and study the management concepts and methods of advanced enterprises, to work and operate in an innovative way, and to gradually establish a scientific and efficient management system and a high-growth profit model. All participants of the meeting declared that they had further sorted out their new thoughts, new targets and new requirements on next year’s development through this meeting, and in the last month of Year 2017, they would enhance their work and achieve their economic responsibility targets strictly in accordance with the budgets made at the beginning of the year, so as to create a favorable business environment and make full preparations for the next year.


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