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Sailing the New Journey and Embracing the Bright Future ——Shanghai Haixin Group Holds 2018 Economic Work Conference

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    On Jan. 19, 2018, Shanghai Haixin Group Co., Ltd. held its Economic Work Conference 2018 at Shanghai International Convention Center. The conference’s theme was “Sailing the New Journey and Embracing the Bright Future ”. More than 160 people attended the conference, including Board Chairman Meng Wenbo, Party Committee Secretary Yu Feng, President Ying Zheng, other directors, employees from the head office and some subsidiaries. The conference was presided over by Party Committee Secretary Yu Feng. 

    The Group’s shareholder and Dongjing Town’s Party Committee Secretary Zhang Bin attended the conference and gave a speech of congratulation. Mr. Zhang reviewed Dongjing Town and Haixin Group’s achievements under the leadership of the District Party Committee and District Government in the past year. He praised Haixin Group’s achievements in production management and corporate culture construction in the past year, commending Haixin Group’s in-depth changes over the year. In the end, Mr. Zhang encouraged Haixin employees to devote themselves in the construction of G60 Science & Technology Innovation Valley and Dongjing Intelligent Manufacturing Base, make contributions to Haixin and Dongjing’s integrated construction under the Party Committee and Government’s care and guidance of the correct leadership of the board of directors.
    After that, the head of each department gave a summary report on their overall work in 2017 as well as their work plans in 2018. And on this basis, they signed statements of economic targets, confirmed their production and management responsibilities and targets in the new year.
    At last, the Group’s President Mr. Ying Zheng delivered a keynote speech titled “Sailing the New Journey and Embracing the Bright Future”, reviewing the Group’s work in 2017 thoroughly and making plans and arrangements for the Group’s work in 2018.
    In his report, Mr. Ying systematically reviewed the Group’s work in the past year from 9 aspects, including team building, production level and quality improvement, new industrial distribution, Party building, cultural construction, safe production, and analyzed the group’s problems and shortcomings in depth.

    At the same time, Mr. Ying made clear plans and arrangements for the Group’s work in 2018. He required the employees to follow the Groups’ strategy and economic targets in the new year, promote system and mechanism innovation, strengthen talented team and echelon construction, step up medical project development and integration, integrate the textile industry division’s adjustment, correctly grasp the national macroeconomic situation and regional industry development policy, and regard the construction of Songjiang District’s G60 Science & Technology Innovation Valley and Dongjing Intelligent Manufacturing Base as our responsibilities, carry out the Group’s five-year development plan in an all-round way. Finally, Mr. Ying quoted President Xi Jinping’s words,"happiness comes from hard work", to encourage everyone at Haixin to unite as one, be down-to-earth, work hard, carry forward the enterprising spirit and create new glories for Haixin.

    The conference also included a ceremony for the appointment of the Group’s Culture Adviser, which indicated the beginning of Haixin Group’s corporate culture reshaping. Songjiang History and Culture Institute’s Vice Chairman Mr. Yin Jun was invited to be the Group’s Culture Adviser. Mr. Yin Jun delivered the first lecture of a series of Haixin Culture Lectures, to strengthen Haixin Group’s awareness of corporate culture for corporate development and forcefully build a corporate culture with the spirit of the time and Haixin characteristics. By tracing the source and drawing lessons from history, Mr. Yin Jun combed Haixin Group’s track of growth over the 32 years systematically and vividly, depicted every Haixin employee’s courage, fighting spirit and aspirations, and encouraged Haixin employees to seize new historic opportunities and create new glories for Haixin.  

    The theme of the dinner party of Haixin Annual Conference 2018 was “Life, Intelligence, Future”. The rich and colorful programs combined the traditional and the modern, art and technology, humanity and intelligence, igniting the conference’s atmosphere with passion and bringing the conference to the climax with vigor. The dinner party was refreshing and novel. It inspired every Haixin employee’s determination to break new ground, enhanced their sense of belonging and cohesion, and gathered their power and energy for development and advancement.  


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