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Liu Qilong, the deputy secretary of Songjiang district committee visited Haixin group for inspection and guidance

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    On May 9th, 2018, Liu Qilong, the deputy secretary of Songjiang district committee, accompanied by Wen Leijun, the mayor of Dongjing Town, Zhang Hongqiu, the deputy secretary of Dongjing Town and other people, visited Haixin group for inspection and guidance. Yu Feng, Party Secretary of the Group, Ying Zheng, the deputy of Party Secretary and president of the Group and other leaders attended the meeting. Both conducted in-depth communication and exchange.

    President Ying Zhen introduced the basic profile of the company, the key work of the current stage, the future development and the planning of the industrial park to the leaders. After listening to the general report, Secretary Liu praised the leadership of Haixin Group for its strategic vision. He said that Haixin is a promising company. During the process of the transformation, it not only focuses on the development of the industries and businesses, but also keeps to the original aspiration, adheres to the party building to lead the development of the company, and does a good job in building the value system such as institutional system building, corporate culture shaping, the cultivation of social responsibility consciousness. This is where the core competitiveness lies and the manifestation of the spirit of the enterprise. I’m looking forward to the magnificent change and the realization of the new leap forward of Haixin Group.

    Secretary Liu communicated and exchanged the views on the future development plans, such as the industrial orientation of “One Valley and Nine Zones”, the service to the entrepreneurship chain and innovation chain, the promotion of technology and party building innovation. He affirmed that Haixin Group’s effort for the industrial transformation and the promotion of the development of Dongjing’s science and technology innovation, and gave high hopes to the high-end health and medicine industries. At the same time, he put forward some suggestions on the future development of Dongjing Town and Haixin Group.
    1.Haixin Group once had glorious history, is always the leading company in Dongjing Town. Nowadays, it’s at the transitional stage and under fierce competition, Haixin needs to break the traditional models, promote and lead the development of the entire region with creative thinking, cutting-edge scientific and technological concept and economic strength.
    2.In the process of promoting economic development, Haixin should continue to uphold the party’s leadership, take the party building guidance, corporation culture and social responsibility as the soul of the enterprise’s development, use correct value system to mold Haixin spirit and enhance the core competitiveness.
    Haxin Group should have overall situation awareness, and further insist on cultivating the projects that are in line with the local industry orientation, adhering to the integration of production and cities, promoting the construction of the intellectual parks and accelerating the process of the development of science and the technology industry under the guidance of the party building work.
    3.In accordance with the requirement of “dual service and dual creation”, Haixin Group should further strengthen the party organization, serve industrial chain and innovation chain, build a party-building work group, and pay attention to science and technology as well as party building innovation and achieve deep integration. Haixin should activate the vitality of the enterprise and promote a new round of development with the effort of all the party members.

    4.The afternoon after the inspection meeting, the Party Secretary of the Group and the management group immediately organized the meeting to convey the spirit. After having deep discussion on how to implement the instructions, the party building works were been deployed and arranged. At the meeting, President Ying put forward higher requirements and instructions on the work of the industrial park project and urged each Haixin people to effectively implement all tasks.

    The research by the Secretary Liu gives Haixin Group a clear direction of development, which reinforces the confidence and determination of the transformation. Haixin Group will continue to create high-quality, technologically advanced industries. Under the guidance of the party building, Haixin staffs will fulfill the social responsibility with action, show the loyalty to the party with promise and write new chapters with their persistent beliefs.


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