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Shanghai Haixin Group Co., Ltd. are a mainly on fake fur / plush products production and management, and have already exploit to medicinal industry and financial field development, A / B-share listed company. Predecessor (Sino-foreign joint venture) Shanghai Haixin Co., Ltd., was established in 1986, has changed to the joint-stock company in 1993. In December 1993 and April 1994, B-share and A-share were listed in shanghai stock exchange. It is now one of the 180 index sample.

Now, total shares is about 600 million among which there are about 200 million shares of B-shares and about 180 million shares of A-shares. Total assets are about 3,300 million yuan (RMB) and net assets are about 1,800 million yuan (RMB).

The company imports the raw materials from Japan and is engaged in the research and development of plush fabrics, acrylic yarn and polyester fiber, stuffed toys, acrylic blanket, garments etc. and chemical raw materials medicine of processing and manufacturing, biologicals, health products, traditional Chinese raw materials medicine and preparations all kinds of, etc., and engaged in the investment business of the national industrial policy and assets management and administration

The enterprises accelerate the optimization resource distribution paces in the world in 2002, has succeeded in purchasing the textile subsection of US GLENOIT Company with history of 70 years and have got 46 brand trade mark that can use for ever and then it become a world plush produce giants from a big pile enterprise in Asia, account for 60% of fake fur garments market of North America and Canada. For this reason, our annual production capacity of imitation fur fabric has already reached 40 million meters.

Our fake fur / plush fabrics has guided the domestic leading enterprise on the consumer market. Design the pluralism of disposing, the large-scale transnational enterprise is becoming with global and integrated marketing, and plan to set up the manufacturing enterprise of fake fur garments with greater economic scale rapidly and form a brand product production base that from plush fabrics to garments sell.

In medicinal field, Shanghai Haixin Group Co., Ltd. has already put into about 200 million yuan (RMB), to set up Haixin biotechnology and Xi'an Huahao Jingying two medicinal research and development companies. Haixin has invest and build up Xi'an Haixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Suzhong Haixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Jiangxi Gannan Haixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. three medicinal manufacturing enterprises. Haixin has also invest Jiangsu Suzhong Haixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Yan'an Wanxiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and Shanghai biotechnology industrialized area Medicinal sale limited company. And then it have formed a trinity medicinal industry combined with research production and sale.

In financial investment, Shanghai Haixin Group Co., Ltd. invests 230 million yuan (RMB) to the Changjiang Securities Company, account for registered capital 2000 million yuan (RMB) of 10% after adding it. Shanghai Haixin Group Co., Ltd., Changjiang Securities Company and Wuhan Steel Processing Co., Ltd. set up together Changxin Asset Management Corporation Limited in May 2003, registered capital is 90 million yuan (RMB), among which Shanghai Haixin Group Co., Ltd. accounts for 34.33%.

The goal in the future of the enterprise: Keep the lasting steady-state growth of the business performance, Expand the scale of textile industry and occupation rate of market further, accelerate adjusting the industrial structure of company, improving has considerable profit of garment of imitation fur fabrics, development and expands the industry of fake fur garments, make it become new important point of growth of profit. According to the real and demand for development which the company trade manages, improve the managerial ability and cultural intension of the enterprise. Probe different trades and areas internationalized management mode of group enterprise. Keep steady growth in managing business income and net profit mainly. In the following five years, enterprise development scale rise to 3 billion yuan (RMB) from 1,800 million yuan (RMB) of net assets. Annual net total profit rise to 350 million yuan (RMB) from 157 million yuan (RMB), establishing high-grade textile products, biological medicine and financial investment pluralistic industry of the Trinity develop pattern.