25 years' dream: textile power shows great achievements
Release Time:09.29.2019 Posted by:group headquarter

        From September 25 to 27, the focus of the world textile industry was on the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, and the China international textile fabrics and accessories (autumn and winter) Expo (hereinafter referred to as flour and accessories exhibition) opened on schedule. There are 9 exhibition halls and 236000 square meters exhibition area in this exhibition, and more than 4400 leading enterprises from 33 countries and regions in the world have made wonderful appearances. This year is the 25th birthday of the flour and accessories exhibition, and coincides with the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China. On the occasion of celebrating the national day, Shanghai flour and accessories exhibition, as a world-famous textile exhibition, fully demonstrates the development achievements of the flour and accessories industry under the new positioning of Science and technology, fashion and green.

        Nanjing Haixin lining Plush Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Haixin import and Export Co., Ltd., affiliated to Haixin Group, arrived at the exhibition as scheduled, and set up exhibition stands in No. 4 international hall and No. 7 fashion women's clothing fabric Museum respectively to show the latest and complete plush fabrics and clothing products to global buyers.

        Since the beginning of this year, China's textile industry has been facing a more complex and severe macro situation, with various unstable and uncertain factors interwoven, and the market pressure has increased. Especially, Sino US trade friction has brought many uncertainties to the development of the industry. In the face of pressure, the industry persisted in deepening the supply side structural reform, accelerating the transformation and upgrading, and continued to maintain the development trend of seeking progress in stability. Under this background, the outstanding enterprises of the industry are concentrated in the exhibition, which not only shows the strong strength of China's textile industry in the past 70 years, but also shows the confidence of the whole industry to unite and create new brilliance under the difficult environment.

        Sustainability, environmental protection and regeneration are the highlights of this exhibition. "Sustainability" is one of the major themes in China's fabric trend exhibition area. More than 500 types of bio based fabrics, liquid dyed fabrics and fabrics treated with advanced dyeing and finishing technologies have attracted many visitors. More and more Chinese enterprises have made great efforts in new materials through regenerated fibers and biodegradable fibers, and actively respond to the trend of environmental protection requirements put forward by international brand customers, which has been recognized and welcomed by international brand customers. In the new technology innovation space area with the theme of "new field and new vision of textile science and technology", the new progress in the preparation technology of high-performance composite functional materials and flexible structural materials, as well as the new applications of China's textile industry in "health disaster response", "military police support" and "special safety protection" in recent years are displayed.

        In 2019, the international situation is complicated, and China's textile industry will enter a new round of strategic restructuring period. It will continue to set up new labels, release new kinetic energy, and reshape new cognition. Industrial reform is ready to go. With the brilliant achievements of the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China, Haixin textile people will not forget their original intention, but will strengthen their confidence and continue to empower the healthy development of the enterprise.